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Traders are always looking for the safest currencies to trade with. Of course there is no complete safety in Forex trading no matter what, but a more volatile and traded currency is always more preferable to traders, it moves more, gives more opportunities and of course has more buy and sell options. For some traders going safe is not the best way, and they find opportunities in less traded currencies like exotic pairs, and less volatile pairs which tend to have higher spreads, but with experience traders learn to find opportunity in each corner.

But for someone who prefers trading with a highly volatile currency pair or for a beginner for whom it is smarter to only trade with a highly volatile currency pair there is always at least one currency pair that takes the crown.

Of course all currency pares are changing all the time, but for every period of time there are specific trends for each market and therefore each currency pair, and if you look you will find the right one for you.

Over all pairs which include currencies like the U.S dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, and British pound are usually very highly traded, considering that all these four currencies separately have taken the crown for highest traded currencies for years, so pairs which include at least one of them are usually a safer bet.

On average every year there is a new breakthrough currency, and you can learn more about that through Forex forecasts. Reading all the reviews and predictions of the year through reliable sources is a very important part of the process, and although things may not come out as accurately as predicted, it is still a good starting point.


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