LXCRM by Leverate is a comprehensive and integrated Forex CRM solution that offers a range of features and tools specifically tailored for the Forex brokerage industry, including automated lead generation, contact management, marketing automation, and advanced analytics.

Leverate is one of the leading Forex CRM provider in the online finance industry, and LXCRM is their latest foray into the CRM space. The provider has been on the market for 15 years, so their CRM solution is built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise.

By integrating their trading platform with LXCRM, brokerage businesses can instantly access their traders via the phone system, email sender, and SMS. Plus, they’ll be able to create automated notifications for key events, such as margin calls or marketing capabilities, all from one location. In addition, LXCRM’s Affiliate System integration allows a Forex brokerage company to track the performance of affiliates without having to switch between multiple platforms.



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