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Our Admiral Markets review shows the company came into existence in 2001, making it one of the oldest forex brokers in the market. They have been in the market for close to 20 years now, making them easy to evaluate. In our experience, brokers who last very long in the market, do so only because they deliver what they promise.

Admiral Markets is one of the best global traders, with their head office operating out of the U.K.

Our Admiral Market review will focus on what makes them the best forex broker, why they have lasted so long in the market, and if they are the right broker for you. Admiral Markets regulation is overseen by two tier-1 agencies and two tier-2 agencies.

With that in mind, you can sign up for Admiral Markets accounts, knowing that you are safe and protected.

After spending 20 years serving traders, Admiral Markets have mastered the art of providing customers with the best tools for analysis, the best platform integrations, and features that make trading more accurate.

Admiral Markets education provision is one of the best in the market. They cover many topics comprehensively, ensuring that no student of their course, misses out on the important facts.

With a massive catalog of more than 4000 tradable financial instruments, traders can practice diversification of capital and put their eggs in different baskets.

Admiral Market spreads come in at a low 0.1 pips when trading on the Zero MT4 account.

Admiral Markets Quick Summary

🏢 Headquarters UK
📆 Established 2001
🗺️ Regulation ASIC, FCA, CySEC, EFSA
🖥 Platforms MT4 and MT5
📉 Instruments Metals and currencies, CFDs trading
💳 Minimum Deposit 100$
💰 Deposit Methods Bank Wire,VISA,MasterCard,iBank & BankLink,iDEAL,Klarna,Neteller
📱 Mobile Trading Available
🌍 Web Trading Available
💵Minimum Trade Size 0.01
🎢 Maximum Leverage 1:30
🌍 ECN Available
🤖 Robots Available
🎯 Scalping Allowed
☎ Customer Support 24/5


Admiral Markets Regulation

Admiral Markets is one of the safest brokers in the market. The Admiral Markets regulation page shows that they are regulated by:

  • The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (EFSA)
  • We checked all the regulatory agencies listed to ensure that Admiral Markets regulation was accurate and found no inconsistencies.

As part of our Admiral Markets review research, we uncovered information about additional protections offered by this broker. They include:

They are annually publishing publicly available reports about their activities and financials.
Offering negative balance protection to ensure that you do not lose more than you invested
Being a part of the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)
The segregation of company funds from client funds with credit institutions governed by strict EEA rules.
With that in mind, you can see why our Admiral Markets review says that they are safe. Traders worry about being defrauded every time. At Admiral Markets, you can trade in a safe environment that is designed to protect you.

Admiral Markets Bonus for Deposits and Promotions

Admiral Markets doesn’t offer any bonuses or promotional schemes due to the regulatory policies. Also, note that the cash rebate program is only available for professional clients.

Admiral Markets Deposit Options

When it comes to making payments, customers will always want to use the most reliable and convenient method. Most firms strive to offer a wide range of payment options to help customers have the best choice.

Unfortunately, Admiral Markets has limited deposit and withdrawal options, making it a bit difficult for customers to complete their transactions. Those who use Skrill, for instance, have to pay a 0.9% fee.

The other options are, however, generally free except for third-party charges. Traders will, therefore, need to choose the most convenient method of payment. The firm offers the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfers
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • SafetyPay
  • Przelewy
  • iBank
  • Ideal

However, these choices are varied enough for most clients to find a way to fund an account or withdraw money without any issues.

Admiral Markets Withdrawal Options

Investors can make their withdrawals via bank wire transfer from the Trader’s room area. Withdrawals can also be made via credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptos, and Wire Transfer.

Admiral Markets Account Types

Investors who are ready to trade are provided with several accounts from which they will be able to choose the best, based on their analysis. These accounts are based on which platform you are using. There are accounts for MetaTrader 5 and others for MetaTrader 4.

The firm also offers a demo account for traders who are new in the industry. In addition to that, there’s also an Islamic account for Muslim customers.

We will review the major accounts separately so that you will be able to decide on which account is best for your trading needs by the end.

Admiral Markets MT4 Accounts

Admiral Markets Trade.MT4

This account offers traders with many features while helping them to deal with a variety of trading instruments. With the minimum deposit for this account being set at 100USD/EUR/GBP/CHF, you get to start trading confidently with instruments such as forex, indices stocks, and bonds.

Retail clients have their forex trading leveraged at 20:1 to 30:1. Professionals can, however, get up to 500:1 leverage.

The minimum Forex order is 0.01 lots, while the minimum spread is 0.5. The account allows only 200 open and pending orders at a time.

Admiral Prime Zero.MT4

This account gives users access to more markets compared to the standard account. Those who wish to carry out CFD trading on spot energy, spot metals, and cash indices should aspire to invest in this account.

Minimum spreads start at zero, and there are commissions provided that range from $0.0 to $1.80 per lot. The leverage ratio remains the same in this account.

Admiral Markets MT5 accounts

Admiral Markets Trade.MT5

The minimum deposit for this account is also $100, and once you have activated yours, you will be able to access all asset classes and thousands of tradable instruments. Base balance currencies remain the same as those for the MT4 accounts.

This account’s unique feature is that it allows up to 500 open and pending orders at a time. Other features that are provided by Admiral Markets Trade.MT5 account includes:

  • Expert advisors
  • One-click trading
  • Level II pricing
  • Special settings
  • MetaTrader Supreme Edition add-on

Admiral Markets Commissions and Spreads

Admiral Markets make money through a combination of spreads and commissions. There are two account types if you are looking at this based on price structures alone. You can either use a commission-free account with higher spreads for forex or one with lower spreads, with the commission.

The ETFs and CFDs on any account, carry a commission.

Because of the wide range of instruments offered by Admiral Markets, every account’s pricing is varied. To get the full details of your trading fees, you must look through the account details.

There is also the matter of each jurisdiction operating under different rules that do not always apply to every other trader. Check your trading fees based on your country’s jurisdiction to ensure that you know the exact terms.

The commissions are charged depending on the volume you trade every month.

It is advisable to use the demo trading account to check out the details you will have to deal with when trading on each of the accounts. That is the best way to find out the ones that could suit you best and fulfil your trading needs.

If your account is inactive for a period exceeding 24 months with a positive account balance, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of €10.

If you are making conversions, you will have to pay a 1% currency conversion charge.

Admiral Markets Education and Research

The firm is considered the best when it comes to education. Investors who are new in the trading industry are given a nine-lesson Forex 101 trading course to help them get a better understanding of how the markets work.

All you require is to open a demo account. With it, you can finish all your lessons and get the experience needed to trade seamlessly. The course is also backed up with free webinars, YouTube videos and tutorials, offered periodically.

When it comes to research, traders are provided with a wide range of research forex tools and resources, all found in the brokerage firm’s website.

Traders can also use the in-house analytics and premium analytics to complement the research provided via Trading Central.

Admiral Markets Customer Service Experience

Customer support is key to the success of any business. The firm ensures that the traders are fully satisfied by making the customer support team easily reachable through the phone, e-mail, a webform, and the live chat.

Customers can ask all their questions to the reliable team around the clock to ensure all problems are sorted. Multilingual support is also available during the weekdays. The FAQ section also provides solutions to most of the questions asked by customers.

In Conclusion

Our Admiral Markets finds that you can enjoy many features when trading with this broker. They have a high trust rating and great reviews from users. The diversity of Admiral Markets accounts makes it easy for any trader to find something that works for their strategies.




  1. Hilmi Mawzoona

    Disappointing Experience with Admiral Markets

    After reading numerous positive reviews, I decided to try Admiral Markets, enticed by their longstanding presence in the market and extensive offerings. Unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory.

    1. Customer Service: Inadequate and Slow

    The first red flag was their customer service. Despite boasting 24/5 support, responses were frustratingly slow. There were times when I needed urgent assistance, but my emails went unanswered for days. The live chat feature, which should offer immediate help, often left me in long queues. When I finally connected with a representative, the responses were generic and unhelpful. This lack of prompt and effective support is unacceptable in a fast-paced trading environment.

    2. Platform Issues: Requotes and Latency

    I frequently encountered requotes, especially during high volatility periods. This issue was not just an inconvenience but also a significant barrier to executing timely trades. Latency was another persistent problem, leading to missed opportunities and slippage. These technical difficulties made me question the reliability of their platforms.

    3. Hidden Fees and Charges

    Another major concern was the unexpected fees. The website claims transparency in pricing, but I was surprised by charges not clearly outlined initially. For instance, there was a fee for inactivity and currency conversion charges that were higher than anticipated. These hidden costs diminished my trading profits.

    4. Limited Educational Resources

    Although Admiral Markets claims to offer comprehensive educational resources, I found them quite basic and unhelpful for advanced traders. The materials seemed more suited for beginners, lacking depth and practical insights.

    5. Withdrawal and Deposit Complications

    Adding to the list of issues, the process of making deposits and withdrawals was cumbersome and limited. Despite a range of payment methods listed, not all were available in my region, leading to inconvenience and frustration. When I finally managed to deposit funds, I was surprised by the longer-than-expected processing times. Withdrawals were another headache; they took significantly longer than promised, and the communication regarding the status of my transactions was inadequate.

  2. Faazla Rizvi

    Frustrating Experience with Admiral

    I tried trading with Admiral Markets, but I was really disappointed. Their customer service was very slow. Whenever I had a question or a problem, it took them days to respond to my emails. Even their live chat wasn’t helpful and made me wait too long. This is a big problem in trading where you need quick answers.

    Also, I had a lot of trouble with trading on their platform. There were too many “requotes” when I tried to make trades, especially when the market was busy. This meant that they kept changing the price when I wanted to buy or sell. Their system was also slow, and I missed good opportunities to make money because of this. It was really frustrating.

    Another issue was the hidden fees. They say they are clear about costs, but I found some fees that they didn’t tell me about at first. For example, they charge you if you don’t trade for a while, and they also have higher fees for changing money than I expected. These extra costs took away from the money I earned.

    One thing that did work well was depositing money. It was fast and easy. But withdrawing money was a totally different experience. It took a very long time for them to process my withdrawals, and they didn’t give me any information about why it was taking so long or when I would get my money. This was really concerning because it’s important to be able to access your money quickly in trading.

    Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Admiral Markets based on my experience. The only good thing was how easy it was to deposit money, but everything else – the slow customer service, the trading problems, the hidden fees, the basic educational materials, and the slow withdrawals – made it a bad experience for me. There are probably better trading companies out there.

  3. Michael Donascimento

    Slow Withdrawal

    I recently traded with Admiral Markets and want to share my experience, particularly regarding withdrawals, which was far from satisfactory. The process of depositing funds was smooth and efficient, a positive start. However, when it came time to withdraw my earnings, the experience took a drastic turn for the worse.

    Withdrawals were incredibly slow. After submitting my request, there was a long waiting period with no communication from Admiral Markets. This lack of transparency was concerning. In the world of online trading, quick and easy access to funds is crucial, and any delay can be quite stressful. I found myself constantly checking for updates, but there was no clear information on the status of my withdrawal or the reason for the delay.

    When I tried to contact customer service for an explanation, the response was slow. Once I did get through, the support team provided vague responses and no definite timeline for when I could expect my funds. This was frustrating, as I needed those funds for other investments. The uncertainty and lack of clear communication added unnecessary stress to my trading experience.

    Moreover, I was surprised to find additional fees associated with the withdrawal process that were not clearly stated upfront. These hidden charges reduced the total amount I received, which was disappointing. It felt unfair, considering these fees were not transparently communicated when I first signed up.

    The overall process took much longer than advertised on their website. This discrepancy between what was promised and the actual experience damaged my trust in Admiral Markets. As a trader, I value transparency, efficiency, and reliability, especially when it comes to financial transactions. Unfortunately, my experience with Admiral Markets’ withdrawal process fell short of these expectations.

    In conclusion, while the initial deposit and trading experience with Admiral Markets were acceptable, the problematic withdrawal process overshadowed these positives. The slow response time, lack of clear communication, hidden fees, and overall inefficiency in accessing my funds were major drawbacks. These are critical aspects to consider for anyone thinking of using their services for trading.

  4. Krushner Julian

    I recently engaged with Admiral Markets for my trading needs but was deeply disappointed by their customer service, which significantly impacted my overall experience.

    The primary issue was the response time. Whenever I reached out with queries or needed support, the response was painfully slow. In the fast-paced world of trading, where timely information and quick decision-making are key, such delays are not just inconvenient but potentially costly. There were instances where I missed out on critical trading opportunities while waiting for their support team to respond.

    Even when I did receive a response, it often lacked depth and clarity. The answers were sometimes generic, leaving my specific concerns unaddressed. This was particularly frustrating when dealing with complex trading issues, where nuanced support is necessary. It felt as though the customer service team was either underprepared or overwhelmed, neither of which should be the case for a broker of Admiral Markets’ standing.

    Furthermore, the availability of customer support was another area of concern. The advertised 24/5 support was not as accessible as it seemed. Several times, I found myself waiting in long queues, especially when trying to use their live chat feature. This was in stark contrast to the prompt service one would expect from a leading brokerage firm.

    The lack of proactive communication from Admiral Markets was also noticeable. Updates on system changes, trading conditions, or even responses to ongoing queries required constant follow-up from my end. A more proactive approach in communication would have been greatly appreciated and would have added a layer of trust and reliability to their service.

    While Admiral Markets might offer a range of trading services and platforms, their customer service is a significant letdown. The slow response times, lack of detailed support, accessibility issues, and poor communication greatly diminished my trading experience. For a platform where timely and effective support is critical, this aspect of their service needs substantial improvement. This experience has led me to reconsider continuing my trading journey with Admiral Markets.

  5. Florentina Ariella

    Tough Time Transferring Money

    I recently had a problem when I tried to move my money between accounts with Admiral Markets, and it’s been a real headache. I logged into my account, expecting to see my money there, ready to transfer. But to my shock, it showed that I had an available balance of $0. This was really worrying, so I quickly sent a message to the broker’s customer service to find out what was going on.

    I thought they would get back to me fast, but they haven’t replied yet. This is really disappointing and makes me doubt if I can trust this broker. When you’re dealing with money, especially online, you expect things to go smoothly and quickly. And if something does go wrong, you’d hope that the people in charge would be there to help you sort it out right away. But in my case, there’s been no help so far.

    This whole thing has taught me an important lesson. When you’re choosing a broker, it’s not just about the fancy features they offer or the cool trading tools they have. What’s really important is whether they’re there for you when you need help. Good customer service is super important, especially when it comes to your money.

    So, if you’re looking for a broker, make sure you pick one that doesn’t just have good trading options, but also has a team that will answer your questions and help you out quickly, especially when you’re in a tough spot.

    I’m still waiting to hear back from them and to get my money issue fixed. I hope by sharing my story, I can help others think more about how important good customer support is. It’s not just about making money; it’s also about feeling safe and supported in your trading journey.

  6. Ammar Ali Surti

    Recently, I encountered a deeply troubling issue with Admiral Markets that has left me questioning their transparency and fairness. In an unexpected turn of events, my trading account was terminated, and to my dismay, all my accumulated trading profits were deleted. The most concerning part? This was done without a clear and justified explanation, leaving me in a state of confusion and frustration.

    I had been trading with Admiral Markets for some time and had followed their rules and guidelines meticulously. Therefore, the notification of my account termination came as a shock. What was even more perplexing was the reasoning – or lack thereof – behind this decision. The company cited “violations” of their Terms of Business. However, these claims were vague and unsubstantiated. I received no detailed explanation or specific instances of how I had supposedly breached their terms.

    This lack of clarity and communication from Admiral Markets is deeply worrying. As a trader, I understand the importance of adhering to a broker’s terms and conditions. But in this case, I was left in the dark about what I had done wrong. The abrupt removal of my profits without a proper explanation felt unjust and arbitrary.

    The incident raises significant concerns about the broker’s transparency and fairness. Such actions can undermine a trader’s confidence in their broker, as there seems to be a lack of accountability and predictability in how rules are applied. If a broker can unilaterally terminate an account and erase profits without a solid and transparent basis, it poses a risk to any trader using their services.

    This experience has been a wake-up call about the importance of working with a broker who values clear communication and fair practices. For anyone considering using Admiral Markets, this situation is a reminder to proceed with caution. Ensure you thoroughly understand their terms and seek clarification on any ambiguities. Remember, in the world of trading, the integrity and reliability of your broker are as crucial as your trading strategy.

  7. Shanith Amuwatta

    I’ve been trading with a live account for about a month now, and while I’ve had a largely positive experience with the company itself, I’m compelled to share some significant frustrations regarding the technical aspects of their platform.

    Firstly, the positives: The company’s overall service, customer support, and the range of trading options available have been commendable. They seem to understand what traders need and provide a conducive environment for both beginners and experienced traders. This aspect of their service has left me quite impressed and convinced of their potential as a reliable trading partner.

    However, the onboard platform, which is central to the trading experience, has been a source of constant annoyance. I’ve encountered numerous technical issues, particularly with connectivity. Almost a dozen times, I’ve faced both short and long-term connection problems, and I am confident that these issues are not from my end. This is not just an inconvenience but a serious impediment to effective trading. When the platform works, it’s great – intuitive and user-friendly, but these intermittent technical glitches are a major setback.

    The most distressing part of this experience has been the inability to trade during peak exchange times or to respond swiftly to market events due to the platform’s unreliability. Imagine preparing for a significant market move, only to find yourself locked out because the platform is down yet again. It’s incredibly frustrating and has, on several occasions, led to missed opportunities.

    I genuinely hope the company addresses these technical issues soon. The platform’s stability and reliability are crucial, and these ongoing problems undermine an otherwise excellent service. Fixing the platform should be a top priority for them. If these issues were resolved, I believe they could be one of the best in the business, given their strengths in other areas. For now, though, it’s a mixed experience: fantastic in terms of company policies and customer service, but deeply flawed in technical execution.

  8. Shoaib Zafar

    I had a really bad experience with Admiral Markets that started off okay but got worse quickly. They gave me a bonus to trade with, which I thought was great at first. So, I started trading using this bonus money, and things were going well. I even made more than $100, which made me happy.

    But then, something strange happened. I noticed that money was disappearing from my account. It was like they were taking it back bit by bit. This worried me a lot, so I decided to talk to them about it. I thought maybe it was a mistake or something that they could fix.

    I tried to get in touch with their customer service to understand what was going on. I sent them messages, hoping they would explain why my money was being taken away and help me sort it out. But the really frustrating part was that they never replied. It felt like they were ignoring me on purpose.

    This situation made me feel really helpless and upset. When I accepted the bonus, I didn’t expect that they would just start taking money out of my account without any clear reason. It’s not fair to offer a bonus and then take money back like that, especially when I was doing well with my trades.

    Because they didn’t respond to me, I was left with no answers and a loss of money. It’s not just about the money I lost, but also about how they treated me. They didn’t care to explain or help, which is really bad customer service.

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